Sculpture Series:  Inspected By Curious Person # 301

Fiberglass, Archival Digital Inspection Stickers, Resin


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Artist Statement

Being female, and being a burn survivor, presented me with countless opportunities to feel studied by curious people. While it is natural for people to look and even scrutinize, for years I felt the pain of objectification and even condemnation. Out of this experience came freedom. Beauty emerged, love emerged, and compassion was born.

I created these pieces to embody the feeling of being observed.  From across the room, one is seduced by a fragmented collection of shiny marble-like feminine forms. Upon closer examination, the body forms reveal text that challenge conventional observation. One of the black torsos, for example, titled “10,000 Glances”, is covered in 10,000 digital archival inspection stickers. The red upper torso piece, also meticulously covered with inspection stickers, appears to be translucent and wet. Displayed as if it were a piece of red meat on a stake, the female chest doubles as a big red ham, inspiring the title, “100% Grade A Approved”.

Translucent glass feminine forms enrich this evolving series. Filled with various symbolic elements, the pieces suggest that the human body, though exquisite, is just a shell. It contains what is real, the inner workings of the human heart. For me, beauty roots from the heart. It comes from a place where hopes and dreams are conceived, and where desires for love, acceptance, and aliveness magnify.

Allison Massari

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