Artist Statement

I always start with the eyes.  I look into the mirror and paint my eyes.  My intent, though, is not necessarily to create a likeness, because often the figure that emerges is a different person.  The point is to anchor the first strokes of the painting in something that is true. Something that is deep, and human, and real, so that the rest of the work can unfold from this unguarded moment. 

The eyes are a doorway. Through that passage, you the viewer have the opportunity to be seen.  The vulnerability that I express and expose offers you an opportunity to truly connect with the painting, and awaken to something deep within. Encircling the figure I incorporate symbolism, surrealism, and allegory, for example, birds, fruits, and flowers.  Each is chosen specifically for it's meaning; in particular, as symbols of my gratitude and of my desire to share my hope with the world.

Allison Massari


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