"Allison creates (collages with) this beautiful modeling to create a dimensionality with subtle tones of shadows and light and different hues of color. To see it in person is even more stunning."

Jennifer Hardin, Chief Curator, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts


Artist Statement

I am creating a visual vibration.

The vital, active, and illimitable energy of these collages expresses a life force that permeates and integrates all things.  The visual language of my collage technique expresses my belief that we are all one.  As I make these collages, I can feel the figure emerge from the environment and simultaneously melt back into it. 

My desire is to expose the unseen, to open and allow the poignancy of a particular moment to bloom.  What is it that changes us, affects us, makes our lives rich and real and memorable?  What is that moment we can’t describe, those feelings that defy definition?  Our lives are impacted, but we can’t explain it - not with words.

In this series, I have chosen the female form to represent an intrinsic energy and intelligence that is present everywhere.  The Feminine.  Fluid. Emotional. Grounded. Generous.  Full of life and light.  She is the healer, the seductress, the great Mother, Eve.  She births all things, receives all things, and connects us to each other.  She is not afraid.  Strong, unguarded, accepting, and absolutely connected to life, she welcomes the world.  Standing alone, saturated in vibrancy, she embodies the possibility of our hearts' desire.  She could not exist without the world around her, and the world would not be the same without her presence.

The moment when energy and experience and spirit coalesce, creating transformation, is the moment I seek to reveal, the possibility for wholeness, healing, union and ultimately freedom in this life.

Allison Massari

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“Seeing these collages at the Morean Gallery in St Pete, Florida pulled me out of a deep depression. So I decided to write to the artist and thank her for bringing such beauty to the world. I was blown away when I read her back story. She wrote back immediately with such grace and reassurance. I will never forget her kindness. You could say that Allison Massari’s art cured my depression! Do a google search, her story of improbable healing will bring you to your knees.”

Fay Hart, San Miguel de Alennde, Guanajuato

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